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What They Say About Saints

I was working away trying to build a small shed, and I discovered yet again that little projects are always bigger than they seem. It is for this reason that I decided to enlist the help of a true professional, someone with power and determination, someone I knew could get the job done.

And as he appeared next to the sandbox dressed for the occasion, my six year old Jonah beamed with confidence at the help he was about to give me. His first task? Hand me a whopping eight foot two by four.

Okay, so I might have forgotten his age…and his physical limits, but by the time I gave my request a second thought, Jonah had appeared with the wood beside me.

“Wow!” was all I could say as my son beamed up at me proudly, “that was amazing!” “Well, you know what they say about saints…” he began. “Um, not really” I replied. “They never give up.”

St. Paul talks about the saints who are living among him; regular Christians working hard everyday to show this world a different way to live.

They faced opposition. They faced persecution. They faced the worst of themselves. But Jonah nailed it. They never gave up.

So friend, what kind of saint are you?

In Christ, patrick

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