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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It seems to me that today is one of those days when the only consistent and reliable thing is that everything I touch won’t go away. And when you have a task list as long as your arm, from writing to video production to administrative duties to talk preparation and so on, the very last thing you want is for any one of those tasks to go on forever.

To make matters worse, the idea which keeps bouncing around in my head is simple yet sinister, reminding me – telling me quite forcefully actually – that all of it is for naught anyway. And so it is here, that I must admit to you my friends and more importantly to myself that I feel overwhelmed.

Perhaps you can relate to this?

We are given a mission by our God that (if we are honest) seems very often to push us to our limits. Hopefully it brings us joy; hopefully it helps us to grow in more ways than one; and hopefully if we are faithful to the charisms we have been given to carry it out, the cross that we pick up in our daily toil bears much fruit.

But then days like today happen and it can be crushing.

So here is some advice for when it gets that way.

Reach out to a friend. Tell them about what you’re trying to do. Tell them about why you think it is not working. And tell them that you are having trouble seeing the plan of God even when you once did.

Do all of that and then take a deep breath.

The same God who gave you the mission is the same God who supports you every step of the way. So if there is a pile on your desk do your best but in the end it is up to Him to sort it out, and He will.

Just don’t give up. The world needs your mission more than you know.

Your friend in Christ, Patrick

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