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Use Words

If you don’t share the Faith;

…talk about it with joy;

…take in its beauty and try to reflect it in your day to day;

…if you don’t give it away with an urgency, your Faith in turn begins to dwindle.

And why should we be surprised by this?

The bread that the disciples gave away filled more and more baskets, not less.

The thoughts of the poet and musician spread when they allow it to leave their hearts and reach the ears of others; and of course, the moon seems brightest (doesn’t it?) the more it reflects what the sun has to give.

We have seen more than 50 years of Christians trying to evangelize with their lives and not their lips, and it has brought upon the Church quite the desperate situation.

Again, why are we surprised by this?


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You know, I am told that the lion (in trying to spread his kingdom) utters a sound with his throat that sends a message for miles around.

And when he hears a challenge to his majestic roar, one that says, ‘no I am king’ that same first lion will run immediately to that location to prove with his actions who is more fit to wear the crown.

In like manner, we too must say it from deep within us, ‘Jesus is Lord’ long before we have the occasion or opportunity or even stamina to run to the challenges of this world.


By telling others about Jesus, we already sidestep the danger that we icons might be mistaken for idols.

By using the facility of speech, as poorly formed or unpolished as it may be, we avoid the possibility of giving glory to the creature instead of the Creator.

God wants us to speak, you can be sure about that.

Let’s just be sure we are listening to the Holy Spirit while we do so.


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