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Too Loud and Too Long

It was one of the blessed moments in the Mass.

The bells were blaring…

…and my five year old Hannah well…

…she had something to say about that.

What’s wrong with them, they keep ringing the bell.” she whispered in my ear.

I could tell from the way she said it that Hannah was not asking a question but rather forming a commentary in her young mind.

It’s okay, we will forgive them” she finally whispered a moment later, “they’re probably just excited.”


Sometimes we are so excited about the Faith…

…about bringing people to Christ…

…about the possibility of changing lives…

…that we ring the bell too long and too loud.

And you know what?

For a lot of people that has the opposite effect.


If all we do is talk about religion they eventually tune us out.


Try elevating any conversation to a higher level.

If it is about sports, try weaving in the virtue needed to be great.

If it is about shopping, try talking about what happens when you can’t find something that satisfies; what do we do next?

If it is about children, try emphasizing how greatful you are to receive them as gifts.

And while this doesn’t make vocal the whole Christian Faith…


…you don’t have to.

I have said it before, for MOST of us true conversion is slow…

…more like getting sprayed with water than being thrown in.

Take them to Jesus in steps;

…from what they know to greater truths.

So be excited about the Faith, yes of course;

…but know when you are ringing the bell too loud and too long.

in Christ, patrick

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