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Those You Bless

I have been doing the same thing for years.

Every night, whether my children are asleep or not;

…whether I am going straight to bed…

…or staying up for hours…

…I bless them.

It is so routine that sometimes I forget that I have done it.

Like blessing oneself before eating a meal,

…it has become one of the most extraordinary things done in my very ordinary life.


I get a reminder of how powerful that little action is.

Yesterday, my five year old daughter had a confession to make.

“Daddy, I sleep really well. And I am really a good girl” she said as she squeezed me with her strongest hug.

“I know you are a good girl, Hannah,” I replied.

“But do you know WHY I am a good girl?” she continued.

“Well…” I tried to respond.

(She interrupted) “It’s BECAUSE you bless me. That’s what I think. It does something.”

There might be more to it than that, but I think Hannah is right.


I don’t mean, ‘who are you a blessing to generally with your life.’

I mean ‘who do you actively try to bless…


…without fail…

…insisting that the heavens turn over if only to save this one?’

Like Moses insisting that those he loves be written in the book of life (Exodus 32:32).

or Paul insisting that he would be cut off from the Lord if only his brother Jews could be saved (Romans 9:3).

Salvation is not just about us.

So bless your grandchild.

Bless your spouse or your parent, your brother, sister or friend;

NOT with the blessing that comes from ordination;

NO that is not ours to give (although we should seek to receive it often);

BUT with the power of the baptised;

…with the power that comes from calling on the name of Jesus.

Today someone could really use your blessing…

…don’t withhold it.

Have a blessed day everyone.

in Christ, patrick

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