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Take the Food Out of Your Hair

Today my son had his first haircut, which is good, because no matter how often we bathed him, he looked like he was hoarding food for the next economic collapse. And now that it is over, he has matured beyond his years in both presentation and respectability. But before that; during the haircut, you would have thought that we were trimming more than just his tiny bits of hair.

To get the job done we had to distract him with a cartoon, with cereal, with people oo-ing and aw-ing all around him to ensure that he focused on everything and anything except for the fingers and scissors running against his scalp. And we had to do that because my son Caleb is like the rest of us; he struggles with others forcing change on him.

Let’s be serious, when was the last time you and I sought out one of the dark spots of our character and asked for others to help us root it out? When was the last time we really took a hard look at our spiritual development, or our relationships or our work ethic and decided enough is enough, it’s time to buckle down and be what God has intended us to be?

You see, I think it is fair to say that we all have food stuck in our hair, but we aren’t all surrounded by people who love us enough to help us face the mess.

So today, face the problem in your life; and if it really seems like too much for you to do alone, good, you’re like the rest of us. Surround yourself with people who love you, munch down on some cereal if you have to, but then let the scissors work. God wants you at your best for the mission He has in store.

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