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Stick to the Plan

Monday…the kind of day where our alarm clocks seem to yell and sanity is only found in our pillows…

…a day when we all have to escape that feathery trap, gladly created by people like ourselves…

…is also, not surprisingly, the beginning of a struggle of a different kind.

Will you stick to your plans?

We all want to do great things.

In fact, many of us even know how to accomplish them.

The impatient among us know that the moment is coming that will help them to grow.

The procrastinator in our midst has only to pick up the tool and get started on the task.

The Christian knows he has the Good News to spread,

…to evangelize that person in the work place or in the community.

But Monday also brings with it this week the first of many reasons why we should not be great.

Many legitimate…


…justifiable moments that would excuse us from doing what we know we should be doing.


…no one will fault you for not being great.

They too will excuse you and say in the moment that you chose rightly.


The other day I was swimming with my daughter Hannah, and I noticed, yet again…

…that she is a very good swimmer for a five year old.

So like a good dad I made sure to tell her so.

“Hannah, if you keep practicing you might just be a life guard when you are older,” which was a real compliment because I know how much she looks up to the life guards at the local pool.

But Hannah surprised me.

She furrowed her brow and said with her most serious voice:

“Daddy, I am going to be a nun.”

Of course, she could do both, but she didn’t see it that way.

In her mind, I was trying to pull her away from her sacred mission.

The way she saw it, I was trying to offer her something good in exchange for something great.

So we talked about it, and we finally agreed in the end.

Yes, even nuns can be exceptional swimmers.

But Hannah was also right.

When you see greatness in front of you…

…and the week stands before you offering what is good instead…

...just stick to the plan.

After all, that is how lives are changed and alarm clocks become friends.

Have a blessed week,

in Christ, patrick

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