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Something Worth Uncovering in 2016

For Christmas Kyla and I made the executive decision to allow one of our children to get into the sport of archery.

Nothing serious mind you.

We began by purchasing a child’s bow, along with a few arrows that cannot really hurt if they happen to miss the target.

Our child was ecstatic.

Within a day or two he had become quite proficient, besting even me as I tried to look somewhat competent at something I had done many years before.

But then…

…the snow came.

And needless to say, his bow was not put away on time.

The conversation that followed with my boy seemed so familiar to the spiritual conversations I have had so many times over with so many people.

The bow was buried, so he would deal with it later when it was sunnier weather.

Sound familiar?

I know with the coming of every new year we want to do something different.

We want to achieve great things;

…to become the person we have always wanted to be;

…we want to start new.

Of course all of that is possible.

But remember, we are also human beings with a past.

And some things, though buried deep in the snow of our lives, still need to be uncovered.

There is no time to wait for a deep thaw or a new spring time.

For some things, we need to get out the shovel and expose what should have never been hidden in the first place.

So in this new year of 2016…

I wish you many new beginnings but also…

…many recovered bows.

Have a great day everyone, in Christ, patrick

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