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Seven is a Special Number

Now we all know that Biblically…

…the number seven is pretty special.

It is the number that hints at fullness…


…and covenant.

But in my life, the number has come to mean something else as well.

Because not too long ago…

…Kyla walked into our living room with a smile.


It has been two years since we have been blessed with another child.

We are both ecstatic.

But we have to admit that…

…part of the joy came with breaking the news to our eldest, Gabriel.


Gabriel has been praying for another baby for several months.

In fact, it was only recently that he had shared his bed time secret:

“Every night, before I go to sleep, I ask God to send us another Sullivan. And if Tobias is up, then I get him to pray with me.”

So you see the number seven is pretty special.

It is a number that is the answer to a little boy’s prayers.

It is a number that will soon have a name.

And if Kyla and I pray hard enough…

…and break ourselves for love of this little one…

…then number seven may just be a great saint that changes everything.

Keep smiling,

in Christ, patrick

P.S. Friends, please say a rosary or divine mercy chaplet for Kyla and baby sullivan. I would be most thankful!

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