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Quit Tickling Yourself

Just the other day our five year old son, Jonah came to us with an interesting realization.

“I tried tickling myself,” he said with both eyebrows raised, “…and it didn’t work!”

Yes, that is the nature of tickling isn’t it?

It is just one of those strange human things that can only be received.

And do you know what else is like that?

God’s mercy.

Now this might be difficult for some of the scrupulous among us…

…but God’s mercy is not the result of saying a prayer perfectly.

Mercy doesn’t come to us quicker because we are more pious or because we do many charitable works.

Mercy, can only be had when we are humble enough to receive it.

When we say to God in all honesty, “I am not worthy.”

Because hey, you can’t tickle yourself;

And you can’t give yourself the mercy of God either.

Have a great day everyone.

in Christ, patrick

P.S. If you weren’t able to see my short talk on scrupulosity on Sunday evening, you can still watch it for free here.

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