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Oh the Devil? He Went that Way.

Benjamin and Jonah were playing tag in the house, (something they are not allowed to do by the way).

And at one point Jonah lost track of his brother.

So stopping Hannah who was busy arranging some keepsakes, Jonah asked,

“Where’s Benjamin?”

It was then that Benjamin reappeared to say one of the silliest things.

Pointing down the hallway, he yelled with the utmost conviction, “He went that way!”

My four year old Jonah had to think about it.

Benjamin seemed to be right in front of him.

So why would he go looking in another direction?

Benjamin was beside himself with laughter at the confusion he had caused his little brother,

…and it is probably because of his giggles…

…that he couldn’t stop Jonah from reaching out his little hand and declaring:


A silly example perhaps…

But how often does the evil one do this to us.

The devil is real, even though he might not wear red.

And while he is busy encouraging men and women in their sin…

…tearing apart couples and families and communities and nations…

…doing what his name implies really…

…we get painfully distracted.

Even though diabolos stands right in front of us…

…we have a tendency to go looking for him somewhere out there.

No, no, no.

In the days ahead, conquer your vices.

Heal your families.

Stay focused.

Remember our enemy is like a prowling lion (1 Peter 5:8).

But that doesn’t mean that he wins.

Grab ahold of him, and put him in his proper place.

To Jesus be all the glory.

in Christ, patrick

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