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I Saw Myself Today, And I Didn’t Like It

If you look closely at the image accompanying this message you might notice something.

Some of you will no doubt say, ‘hey, yeah, that’s Patrick. He’s wearing one of those hats that he usually sports; he’s still representing the bearded folk and funnily enough, he is slumped over in his usual fashion as he prays or thinks or just let’s someone take a picture of him. Neat.’

But, um…look again. Follow my arm down as it rests at my side. What do you notice? Do you see it? Yes, the tattoo!

Friends, I don’t have a tattoo.

RIGHT NOW there is a you that is out there. He looks like you. He stands like you. Sports your style of clothing and no doubt can reflect your education and experience as you certainly can. But if you’re willing to take a closer look, you might just find that you don’t like what you’re looking at.

No, I’m not talking about appearances. I’m talking about the persona that you project at your workplace, in your home, among friends or driving in traffic.

I’m talking about the you that doesn’t make Jesus obvious. I’m talking about the you that doesn’t raise any fundamental questions and the you that doesn’t challenge the very foundations of this culture.

You are a son or daughter of the great King. You literally have God within you after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. You have been set apart to be holy.

So if you see yourself today and you don’t like it, for the love of God show the world who you really are.

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