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Hurry Up…And Slowly Evangelize

I sat at the same cafe.

It was 6 a.m. and I just finished my hour long walk where I pray, think about the day, and hand it all over to our Lord.

The place was empty with the exception of a man and a woman who I assumed was his wife.

And of course…

…they sat right next to me.

Sure, they had their own table, but it was close…

…and uncomfortable.


There was no helping it so I ignored them and got down to my writing.

Some time must have gone by because when I looked up the man was sitting by himself…

…staring out the window.


I introduced myself.

I asked him many questions…

…about life…

…about his work…

…about any wisdom he could impart.

In other words, we were slowly getting to know each other…

…building the stuff that friendships are based on.

And friendships…

…true concern for the other…

…well that’s the best way to evangelize.

So take your time…

…prepare the soil slowly…

…but don’t wait to do it.

There is an urgency to the Gospel, we shouldn’t be mistaken about that.

But true conversion, the kind that comes from the heart, very often takes time.

So don’t waste it.

Talk to those around you.

Listen to their struggles.

Find the truth in what they are saying and affirm it.

Make friends…

…and hand them over to Jesus.

Have a great day everyone, in Christ, patrick

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