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Hey, Quit Moving

We were at the kids’ soccer game, and one of the few children left by our side who couldn’t participate was Sophia, my spunky little two and a half year old.

And as expected when one hour turned into two,

…and children were still chasing down the same object that they already had for quite some time,

…Sophia well…she needed to take a walk.

So around the field we went, taking the track as our guide, conversing as only daddies and two year olds can when taking in sports.

But then she surprised me.

“Why doesn’t he just stay there.” My little Sophia said in a huff.

I couldn’t hold back my laugh, she was cute, even though I had no idea which game she was commenting on.

“It’s not funny!” She put me in my place. “The moon keeps moving!”

“The moon?” I responded with surprise.

“Yes,” she said, “he won’t stay high where I can see him!”

And she was right.

The moon, which was supposed to be reflecting the light for us as the night grew darker, at times could barely be seen as it hid behind this cloud and that.

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They’re not all watching the game you know.

The many people around you…

…at work or in the many social circles you live.

No, they are keeping one eye to the moon in their lives.

They are watching out for the person who seems to reflect the light of God; especially when everything seems to get darker around them.

And when you hide;

When you don’t shine as brightly as you should;

When you assume no one will notice your descent because they aren’t looking anyway;

Hey, quit moving.

The children of this world need you.

I’m praying for you.

in Christ, patrick

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