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Have You Considered Spackling?

Well it is time.

Kyla and I have heard the call to up root our lives and begin another part of our journey.

Yes; we are moving.

And along with that comes fixing up the house and making it more presentable to those who will be stopping by in the days ahead.


…we need to paint…a lot.

They say that a fresh coat of paint can give new life to a house,

….making it appear much younger than it really is.

But you know…

…I think that is only partly true.


Grandpa is a carpenter of many years and is…

…if I do say so myself…

…one of the best out there.

He pointed out that before you paint…

…you need to make sure that you fill any holes or gaps in the trim (like the baseboards or the door casing)…

…with something called spackling.

Now most people know that.

But what was REALLY interesting was…

…how often we spackle incorrectly.

“You can’t fill large holes with spackling” he told me.

“And you can’t pretend the smallest cracks don’t matter because they do” he continued.


…the spiritual life is very similiar.

If you try to fill a gaping wound in your heart with a little patch work you will find yourself sorely dissappointed.

But if you ignore a little crack…

…if you don’t attend to the gnawing sensation that all is not well in your soul even…

…if it doesn’t quite hurt yet…

…you are making a very big mistake.

Becoming young again at heart is similar to painting at home.

Renewing your life with God comes quite close to the wisdom Grandpa was sharing with me.

Don’t just mask the vices…

…the frustrations…

…the defects in prayer.

Consider spackling and deal with them.

It helps.

A lot.

Happy weekend, friends.

in Christ, patrick

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