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Get in the Van

Well we did it.

We got all seven Sullivan kids in the van and we went to the museum…

…over two hours away.

We enjoyed the experience.

We enjoyed the company (our kids really are great to be around).

And we REALLY enjoyed the ride home.


…even though we drive through the country and talk about how it is nice to see some deer once and awhile;

On this particular ride we were surprised to see 75 of them.

And it kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

What would have happened if we didn’t get into the van yesterday morning?

It would have been easier; certainly more comfortable.

Evangelizing is kind of like that isn’t it?

It is easier not to speak.

It is more comfortable not to approach others with the Gospel.

But if you knew that you wouldn’t just catch one soul for God but 75…

…wouldn’t you just get in the van?

Two thousand years ago Jesus called ordinary people to be fishers of men;

MAYBE…JUST MAYBE… Jesus is calling us to be finders of deer.

Let’s get to it.

Happy searching my friends,

in Christ, patrick

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