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Every Child Should See Their Father Doing This

There is an axiom out there that says, ‘the child inherits the religion of the mother, but the piety of the father.’ And if there is any truth at all to the statement, which experience has shown that there is, then it would be very wise for every Christian father to do two things.

Carve out a distinctly Christian piety. Find prayers that reflect the universal Christian love for God and His people; these are many and varied, but then pray them in a way that your children find challenging. For some men, the image of seeing their fathers pray on their knees was enough to propel them to a life of prayer themselves. For other men, the fact that they knew their fathers were awake before they were, surrounding their homes with the power of prayer, was enough to engage them in the spiritual battle for their own children.

Demand that your children pray like you when they participate. This does not mean that you force them to participate. But if they participate, say by getting up at 6 a.m. with you to say the Angelus, then expect that they will pray as you pray. We are creatures of comfort, and saints are made in small steps. Form your children to give the best that they have in prayer, and they will, if they see you do the same.

Everyone is unique, but in some things we are absolutely similar. We all love to see men use their strength for something beautiful. So dads, here is your chance. Let your children see you fight for the love God.

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