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Don’t Look at Your Shoes

Several decades ago author Dom Hubert van Zeller wrote that “…every Christian should die standing up.”

What he meant was…

…every one who professes to follow the God-man Jesus must be found to be doing His work as well.

Or if it helps, consider the words of one of our saints who said:

“there is no rest for an apostle of Jesus Christ.”

And while that is true…

…many in the Church have come to realize that the one who follows Jesus…

…the one who puts sandal to the road…

…and wears them out professing with his life the name and Good News of Jesus Christ…

must first be a disciple.


We have to be willing to…



…and change.

And we do all of it in order to better imitate the one we claim to profess.


When my seven year old son notices that I have been engrossed in my reading and writing for far too long…

…he intervenes as any child should.

Just yesterday I heard him behind me.

“Hi, I am Patrick Sullivan.”

I smiled and turned knowing what was coming.

Tobias was dressed in as many of my items as he could find in the moment.

My hat was covering his eyes.

My jacket was hanging to the floor as it hid his entire frame.

And my sandals…

…which have always been a sign to me that I have no right to stand still…

…were dwarfing his much smaller feet.

“Look at me” he continued in the same ridiculous voice, “I am important.”


Tobias was imitating me.

And he knew how to do that…

…(as silly as it was)…

…by observing his dad.

TODAY don’t make the mistake that many Christians do.

Don’t look at your shoes.

You can still wear those out by wandering along many erroneous and dangerous paths.


Look at the one that you are supposed to imitate.

Sit with Him.

Learn from Him.

And then…

…yes, it always follows…

…put on those sandals and get to work.

Friends, may your day smell of Jesus Christ.

in Christ, patrick

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