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Do This When You Get Home

It is Friday, and you are going home soon.

And as you know, today is the day many look to…

…for rest…

…for relief.

But sadly, many do not look beyond the cessation of work.


…will not feel rest when they walk through the door.

This is because they carry the burdens…

…the stress…

…the demands of the coming Monday.


You are trying to create a sanctuary in your home.

Not just a place where people can go to…

…to find peace from the accusations of the world.

But a holy place.

So what can you do?

If you are new to this, start slowly.

If you are used to chaos when you walk in the door…

…then bite your tongue and say,

“It’s good to be home” whether or not you feel that way.

And kiss your spouse, whether or not you feel like they deserve it.

And hug your children if you can get ahold of them.

Change that family culture.

Make your home a sanctuary.

Today as you walk through that door…

…bring the peace of Christ,

…not the worries of the world.

You can do this.

The hearts of your family need you.

in Christ, patrick

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