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And His Face Said, Whoa

Since no words can express how Christians are feeling these days towards patterns of life found inside and outside the Church…

…I thought it most appropriate to entitle this email with something that mimics the expression often found on our faces instead.


Yes, that is pretty much the sound I heard come out of one gentleman when he heard of the very public discussion over polygamy.

It is also what was found on the face of another who found out how much youth ministers are paid (which is painfully low by the way).

The expression of Whoa was also there when the news hit about Fr. Barron’s elevation to the Bishopric…

…which is understandable, as we gain a great Bishop…

…but lose a great evangelist.

There are many things happening in this world…

…inside and outside the Church…

…that have many feeling uneasy.

And Christians, well…

…Christians are looking for leaders.

…Christians are looking for saints.

And the question is:

What are we going to do about it?


You and I may not have any control on what society does or does not think about one man marrying three of his closest friends.

You and I may not be able to sign the cheques of those who are tirelessly trying to bring our youth to Jesus.

And you and I definitely do not have any say in the quality of our Bishops;

…when they are to be appointed and to where.

But you and I can show the world a different kind of Catholic.

We can show those around us what every man, woman and child never tires of beholding…

…holiness lived.


THAT is completely up to you.

Don’t give up hope, friends.

In Christ, patrick

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