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War Against The Woman

The Mary Thread In Sacred Scripture

Author: Patrick Sullivan
Formats: Soft Cover, E-Book
Page Count: 198
Topics: Mary, Scripture


War Against the Woman is not like any book on Mary that you have ever read. Beginning with Revelation 12, author Patrick Sullivan takes us on a wild ride through the entire Bible, showing us the various themes that grew and intertwined over the centuries to culminate in the unique person of Mary in the New Testament. If you want to know why Catholics love Mary or where you can study her in the Bible, then you need this book.

Take A Look Inside​​...

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"Get ready to go on a ride through scripture that begins and ends with the 'War Against the Woman.' Once completed you will have a much clearer understanding of the big picture that is the Holy Bible. You will have unraveled the gordian knot that Holy Scripture can be by pulling out one of the most important threads, The Woman."

- Dr. Brian Kiczek, the Rosary Doctor

"I have been part of many bible studies, but I have never experienced a journey through scripture as in 'War Against the Woman.' Patrick Sullivan masterly takes you on a journey through scripture by connecting the Threads, to unlock one of the most overlooked keys to holiness, Mary. 'War Against the Woman' is a must read for every Christian who is striving for heaven."

-Keith Doucette, Co-Director

The John Paul II Centre for Divine Mercy

"I am so very moved by this book! Patrick makes the Bible come to life! I cannot count how many times I would stop reading and put my head back and just say: Wow!!"

-Kathy Tripp, Parish Secretary

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