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Joyful Thoughts

Reflections on living the Faith, becoming a saint, and evangelizing others

Author: Patrick Sullivan

Format: Soft Cover

Page Count: 244

Topics: Inspiration, Family Life, Catholic Living

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Only With Joyful Thoughts Do You Get...


  • A peak into the real life of a full time Catholic Lay Evangelist

  • Meaningful stories that will transform how you look at your day

  • A constant challenge to become the person that God has called you to be

  • And so much more!

*In a series of letters, author Patrick Sullivan speaks about life and specifically how our day to day experiences hold a deeper meaning. Can we see God at work in the challenges and hardships? Are we willing to become what the Lord has called us to be? You will encounter these questions and more as Patrick inspires you with joyful thoughts. 

A Look Inside...

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