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Dare To Be An Evangelist

Evangelizing Those We Love, One Day At A Time

Author: Patrick Sullivan

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 160

Topics: Evangelization, Journal




Only With The Dare Do You Get...

  • A 40 day plan to evangelize

  • Practical daily suggestions 

  • A daily checklist to keep you on track

  • Encouragement from the saints 

  • Plenty of room to write

The book on evangelization with an Imprimatur!

*What is an imprimatur? It is an ecclesiastical seal of approval, telling all who would consider reading the book that what they hold is free from doctrinal or moral error. In other words, it is in line with Church teaching. 

A Look Inside...

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"I encourage you to buy the book and try to live out the challenges a day at a time - I also will be trying to put it into practice. I cannot promise that all of them will be easy, but I think that there is great wisdom in his suggestions."

- Fr. Jason Kuntz

"This book would have helped me so much 20 years ago when I was destroying my friendship with my newfound Faith. I pray and hope that you get this amazing book, read it and follow all the recommendations as you will find your witness going faster, farther and more deeply than ever before."

​- Dr. Brian Kiczek, the Rosary Doctor

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