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You’ve Got Mail

We had one of our Godsons over for a visit.

And as much fun as all the children seemed to be having together…

…Hannah was not impressed.

“They are such boys” she said, half complaining as she walked away from the battle scene.

You see…

Hannah really wanted to play with them, but she definitely did not want to play what they were playing.

So she decided that she would yell at them…

…and that didn’t work.

Her next attempt was to play tea cups near them…

…hoping that might draw them in.

No luck there.


Hannah decided to let it go.

Sometime later when I looked up from my writing Hannah was attaching a box to her door…

…with A LOT of tape.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I am making a mail box” she said bluntly.

And then with that, she closed her door and went to read on her bed.

When she popped her head out of her room again she noticed that her mailbox was full of pictures, short letters and ‘you’re the best sister’ cards.

The boys had been busy.

“Hannah, what do you think of all your mail? That’s amazing!” I said.

“Yeah” she said in that same matter of fact voice, “my boys love me.”

Sometimes it’s hard speaking the Faith to your family.

And when you do you can feel like you are yelling..

…or trying to sell a tea set to someone who doesn’t like tea.

But remember, as tense as some of those moments can be…

…they love you.


Send them some mail.

And let them know that the feeling is mutual.

Happy evangelizing friends,

in Christ, patrick

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