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You Are Not Your Job

Lately there has been a common theme in the many conversations I have been a part of.

Some people are losing their jobs.

Some people are frustrated with their place of employment.

Some people wish that they were doing something else…

…or working somewhere else to gain more respect.

But are we forgetting…

…that we are not our jobs?


What we do in life with our time and effort becomes a part of us.

A link will always exist between the builder and what was built.

But your dignity goes deeper than that.

And your worth far surpasses anything that could come to you in the form of a paycheck or benefit package.


When I first held Gabriel in my arms he had done nothing to earn my affection.

When Kyla and I first learned to risk and do everything good for the joy of our little ones…

…it was meant to be a gift not compensation.

You are good at what you do, I bet you are.

But you are not your job.

You are His child.

And today, even though you will continue to do amazing things inside and outside of the places we call employment…

…even though you might need to find different work…


…you were loved long before that even became an option.

in Christ, patrick

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