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Where the Angels Go in Lent

It is not unusual for our minds to turn to those heavenly beings when contemplating the liturgy; or to feel their presence powerfully as we enter most fully into the Biblical and therefore true account of the resurrection.

But once we sojourners begin our long and arduous walk into Lent, there is a tendency to leave the angelic far behind.

Perhaps it is because we know that we can suffer while those surrounding our Lord in glory cannot.

Perhaps it is because you and I fancy that the angels are part of a different scene in our drama, whose stage call has not yet come to pass.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that in Lent the majority have felt the need to go the narrow road alone, always and everywhere to our detriment.

How is it we have forgotten the beautiful and pain filled story of Tobias and the angel Raphael?

How came the amnesia, that has led many to forget how an angel stood between God’s people and a curse riding forth on an ass?

This Lent will (if you consent) bring much redemptive suffering.

You will struggle for those you love by battling the worst of yourself. You will enter into a famine in order to join the feast on the other side.

But don’t forsake your angel. He is a guide and guardian that will provide the strength you need.

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