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When They Spread the Good News…cut it in half

(The following is an entry from Patrick Sullivan’s soon to be released book, The Tapeworm Appointment, where a demon named Tapeworm endeavours to teach lesser demons how to counteract the new evangelization.)

My dear pupils,

Over time I have come to see that there may still be hope in your demise, and through you, the loss of the enemy’s children; may my predictions prove true.

But until they are I must continue to pour my wisdom into you, acting in a perverse faith that you are indeed worthy vessels.

Ah, such is the roulette we princes must play when dealing with inferior beings such as yourselves. No matter, the time has come to place in your hands a particular strategy that greater minds have conjured up for this specific place in the battle.

In short, you must take what they lovingly call the gospel and cut it into pieces, folding it in half so to speak, so that you can play one part of the message against the other.

No no, do not try to think too hard about it until I explain further.

You see, the good news that they profess has always been like a seed that grew until through time it became a terrifying bush.

And as frightened as all of you have been at the branch that grew out of its roots, I can tell you with the utmost joy that we now have a way to turn that fear back upon those that the bush was supposed to nourish. Stay with me if you can.

When the many shout ‘new evangelization’ press upon their minds that this must mean attacking the bush with cutters, tearing down this or that which has grown after many years of nourishment. Help them to see, that the good news can only prevail if there exists nothing of the complexity, diversity or nuances that have accompanied the bride in these last days. You must force upon them the image – as silly as it is – that evangelization is only something that ever happened when the message was simple; when it was only a seed. You can see the implications of this can you not, or must I continue to be disappointed in you?

If they give in to these impressions, you will no doubt find yourselves watching over a fellow deconstructionist; a being whose only goal it is to bring down the bride as she is in exchange for something they believe she once was. Isn’t this glorious? It is like attacking the toddler so that the babe in arms might show herself, or demanding that the bread become wheat so that it might be made more ‘pure.’ But before you get too excited, I have to remind you that this is only one part of the strategy your betters have set in motion, for the other is equally cunning.

Just as there will be some who (through your guidance) will come to detest the fullness of the good news as it exists here and now among the enemy’s children; there will of course be those who try to speak that same good news in its most basic form, not out of hatred for what came afterwards, but because they believe that some can only hear in bits.

Their attempt at ‘evangelization’ then will be to stick to what they love to call the kerygma, the basic proclamation of that message some find in that most annoying person, Paul. Surely, they will speak of their sin, the enemy dying for them and other such nonsense; and it really might be effective if we do not intervene. You see, in these circumstances it is imperative that you help your worm to understand that this basic message is not catholic. Yes, you read that correctly. You must make him understand that anything that does not show the full picture is a false picture instead of part of one. This is important so focus.

It is absolutely imperative that right now in the battle we dissect the good news. If some among them try to present a full picture of the enemy’s love for them, grown and nourished through time, then you must get your worm to purify it through whatever means necessary. And if by chance you have someone innocently presenting the gospel in short, comprehensible bits to his or her contemporaries, then throw an inquisition at him. Convince your worm that he must, if he is to be faithful, attack the basic gospel message with every ounce of wit and forked tongue that he can muster.

Whatever you do, do not let the good news be spoken, at length or with brevity. Kill the message, by having them kill it for you. And if you can do that, my predictions about you may still have a chance of proving true.

Regretfully available to you, Tapeworm

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