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Welcome Home, Patrick…sort of.

After returning home from a little speaking tour I was of course met with the many hugs and kisses of the family God gave me.

And to keep me humble;

…to be sure that I don’t assume that I have all of the world’s love;

…I was also met with much criticism.

The criticism did not come from my little Sullivan clan mind you, but from those who felt like I had overstated the amount of information one could gain concerning the angels;

…and their opinions filled my inbox.

“The Bible does not say nearly enough about the demonic.”

“The Jews knew little about the angels all around.”

And “…if you really want to tap into the fullest knowledge of the angelic world then you really need to dive into the secret studies of which we can show you…”

….or so the unsolicited advice went.


The New Testament speaks more on the demonic than most people realize…

…and the ancient Jews created whole narratives around the angelic beings they came across in the Old Testament.

The knowledge is not secret.

It is not just for the privileged and the select few.


The revelations surrounding the angelic beings (both those fallen from grace and those still clothed in glory) are just one side of that brilliant diamond we call the Good News.

So if you have real questions about angels study your Faith.

And DO NOT settle for cheap counterfeits.

Talk soon, friends.

in Christ, patrick

P.S. I have decided to teach a course on the holy angels to any Catholic who is really interested in learning what we ACTUALLY know.

The course will be accessible from your computer and full of fascinating information you can share with your family, friends and fellow parishioners.

Enrollment will be limited and decided on a first come first serve basis.

So if you THINK you are interested just send me an email letting me know. I would hate for you to miss this awesome course!

[Let me know you are interested in the course by sending me a quick note at this address: ]

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