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Wake Up Joseph

In the Gospel of Matthew there is a scene that brings much hope to the situation we all find ourselves in.

Joseph has, in light of the revelation of Mary’s pregnancy, chosen the wrong path.

And like many of our contemporaries, men especially, Joseph has fallen asleep.

But notice it is here, when sleep has overcome him, when there is no approaching his mind with any human argument or example,

…that God sends one of his mighty host, an angel who can pour out God’s grace and speak God’s truths in ways unknown to us.


Do you see how important this is?

This means that when the person you have been trying to reach with the Good News has completely tuned you out;

…when they have decided against the truth that has brought millions to safety;

…when they have fallen asleep and have lost all sense of the story;

…God can still reach them.

So today, say it with me,

God, wake up Joseph; send an angel if you have to. Because in this Christmas war we find ourselves in, we could really use his help.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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