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Time to Get Up

Last night I conducted an experiment…

…alright, I was just downright irresponsible.

I went to bed far too late which is never the best way to…

…get healthy…

…or get ahead of the game…

…or to just have a great day.

Like many people, I felt tired with something that is beyond the mere physiology of the body.

So I went to bed with no thought of tomorrow and I refused to set my alarm.


I made a deal with God.

In all sincerity I said,

“If you want me up…”

“If you want me to be at my best…”

“Then YOU wake me up.”

I normally open my eyes at 5:15 a.m.

Not because I am naturally an early bird but because I find that I work best when I am not setting the day’s agenda.

I still do not have a routine of it.

When I don’t set the alarm, I sleep and sleep.


Today I felt a gentle nudge somewhere inside of me.

It said, “Patrick, time to get up.”

I opened my eyes with little effort and groped around for the clock.

It was 5:15 a.m.

So this morning I wanted to pass on this gentle nudge to you.

If you have been sleeping far too long…

If you have been actively trying to sabotage the great things that God has planned for you…

If you have just been waiting to hear it from someone else so that you can know what to do…


Child of God, it is time to get up.

When you are thinking about showing love to your spouse…

…don’t hold back today.

When you are thinking about saying something radically like Christ at work…

…don’t hold back today.

And when the evil one tries to whisper sinister and soothing things in your ear…

…telling you to prefer the pillow to the plough.

Tell him to go back to the nightmares and place of the dead,

…because you are awake and have much work to do.

God has woken us up for a reason.

Let’s get to it.

Have a great day my friends,

in Christ, patrick

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