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Time to Catch Up

This morning my son Gabriel is expressing his annoyance.

In terms of his studies, he is far ahead of other children outside of this house in…




…and catechesis.

He knows the Bible inside and out.

He discusses my work with me that has me commenting on and teaching ancient Jewish Literature as it touches upon the Scriptures.

And the most frustrating part…

…is that he is just nine years old.

But Gabriel can’t see all of that.

All he knows is that in math he needs to do some serious study to get where he wants to be.

Something similar occurred the other night.

In our adult Scripture Course…

…we had just discussed some amazing insights that the most ancient Jews had on the creation of Adam.

And when the ‘wow’ moment had passed, one participant reflected:

How come no one told me this stuff before!

The participant was smiling while he said it, but we could all feel the same level of frustration.

Most Catholics, through no fault of their own, have been unable to receive solid…


…and intellectually stimulating content about their Faith.

We are the most educated people of all time…EVER.

But when it comes to the Faith…

…most are at the grade two level.


Grab a good Catholic reading list and get started (if you don’t have one I will send you one…just respond to this email).

Take an intellectually stimulating and faithful course on Christianity, the Bible etc. (We at evango offer a new course every month at a price that is better than most female haircuts).

(You can find out more about the courses here .)

Whatever you do, start learning.

You have people in your life who deserve better than a grade two response to their adult questions about Christianity.

Keep reading, listening, studying, discussing the Faith.

There is still time.

And I will help you however I can.

You can do it friends,

in Christ, patrick

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