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They Hate What They Neglect

Whatever you do you must plant seeds in his mind that what was once clearly beautiful and demanding of all of his courage is simply not so.  Surprisingly, this is not so difficult to do as you might imagine. We have noticed for example that there is a connection between what they abuse and what they value.  For these silly creatures will against all reason devalue what they themselves have neglected.

Take that seemingly unbreakable bond established by the enemy to make His presence irrefutable among the people; that disgusting reality called marriage. Simple observation shows us that a man chooses his life creature based on her unknowing ability to reveal what is true, good or beautiful in her very person. The mere sight of her challenges him to live out the true and the good not only because they are finally found most present in the female of his choosing, but because he somehow sees the purpose of truth and goodness as guardians of what is beautiful. Of course we would be in real trouble if he finally began to understand that all three poisonous attractions built in by the enemy safeguard and reveal the necessity of the others, but thankfully they are not that smart.

Either way, the easiest and most effective tactic to date to deal with such problems is the principle that I have already shared with you: get him to begin neglecting his mate.  Do and use whatever you have to distract him from her needs, even if only for a moment. As the female creature more and more recognizes her desire and need for her husband and she cries out for help he will for some strange reason begin to devalue her need. You see, it is like Eden all over again! Given enough time the problem in his mind will not be – as it most obviously is – his forgetfulness of his original encounter with her and the ensuing promises within his own heart to guard her until his dying breath. Instead, all he will see is that she is the problem; and the beauty, the truth and the goodness become harder and harder to find in that sick union where two become one flesh. This is when our ability to slander is most needed. For the man is now open more than ever before to condemn her needs. Call it nagging or stupidity or childish; all of these things are now possible because his alternative is to condemn his own neglect of the one he swore to love and that is just too painful.

This principle can also work on that most disgusting of marriages between heaven and earth. The mass, and I spit while I say it, has brought untold destruction to our campaign since the day of our greatest victory. But no more. Simply spend your efforts getting that animal to neglect the sacrifice that saved them all. If he loves going to that hill as much as he can then stress that the law of his church only requires once a week. And if he goes once a week have him start considering all of the productive time lost or the leisure time he is missing out on. If he is more of a sentimentalist try to get him to analyze his feelings before and certainly after the sacrifice so that he either finds that he ‘really doesn’t feel like going’ or that he ‘doesn’t feel like he has been spiritually fed.’ If he believes himself to be more of the intellectual type (as if an ant could be intellectual) then remind him that the Church taught something called active participation at the Council of Vatican II. Of course, never have him research what was actually meant by this word, that it means getting the body, mind and soul together in a most profound way to worship the enemy. No, let him believe that all it ever meant was to give as many people a job to do in the liturgy as possible so that everyone feels welcome, it is about fellowship not sacrifice after all. Ha, I love to hate it!

All of this neglect accomplished and your task is merely done. Now all you have to do is provide the words that can help him condemn the very thing that is meant to bring about his salvation. Call it boring, primitive, a waste of time and just watch how that third commandment of the enemy is swallowed up. Why will he do this? Because he has neglected the Mass, and they hate what they neglect.

In all disappointment,


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