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The Worst Thing You Can Do

Kyla and I have not been sleeping well.

Our almost two year old Sophia has been waking up all through the night.

And when the sun rises…

…well, you know…

…duty calls.

We have to be mom and dad.

And I have to be an Evangelist.

I have things to write and I have presentations to give.

I have a lot of prayer I need to do as well.

For my family…

…my friends…

…my enemies…

…and of course, myself.

But I am tired. And so is Kyla.

We want to give up, find a spot in the house where the children cannot find us and sleep

Do you ever feel like that?

You’re frustrated that you have missed so much of your day already.

You’re mad at yourself that you are not on the ball with your tasks.

You feel like you had no right to even begin to think that you could do it.

And you just want to give up on what is left of the day.


That is the worst you can do.

The worst you can do is to let your past several hours determine what is left of this day.

From here forward you can change things.

From here forward you can admit to yourself how you feel…

…and you can try to get the best out of yourself in spite of it.

People committed to the Gospel can never give up.

“But I am tired!”

Yes you might be tired.

But do the next right thing anyway.

Just one more thing.

And then the next.

And as you put one foot in front of the other…

…struggling through this day…

…remember, I am tired too.

So let’s do it together.

All for the glory of God.

in Christ, patrick

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