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The War of Peter and Pan

We have all heard of the strange and imaginative duels of Peter Pan but what about the more relevant and real battles between Peter and Pan? Yes, I can already see it.  Peter standing like a rock with his weapons of faith, hope and love while Pan, that maker of all things plain, asserts and elevates the creature in the hopes of crushing an almighty creator.  In our time, this battle is in full swing and the arena is our everyday.  Christ wants our marriages, families, education and institutions to serve him so that we may live, and Peter in the face of the utmost unpopularity continues to proclaim this vision of the one who will save us.  Pan does not have a vision and Pan certainly does not build up.  In his malice he breaks down everything to isolate. And so we are not people with attractions but gay or straight; we are not one body in marriage but individuals who have agreed to a contract because it makes me happy.

Pan is getting stronger. And true to his name he can be seen everywhere. But Peter too is beginning to stand up to his full height.  The Church of our forefathers is waking from a long and terrible slumber.  The people in the pews are beginning to remember the ideas that first shook the world.  The spiritual war is on, not in some far off magical land but here in the land I call home.

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