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The New (age) Angels

Well it seems my clarification on the angels has caused quite the stir, and for reasons that are not very new.

You see many were under the impression that angels are whatever we make of them.

Aunt Hildi had an experience of an angel who clearly articulated that:

…angels are human beings (relatives perhaps), who had lived several lives on earth and have now earned their angelic wings…

…or something like that.

Cousin Bill thought that he could conjure up his angel to force information out of him, but only for the best and noble of reasons…(sigh)…

And some others really believed that the Christian teaching on the angels was something of a Biblical metaphor, still in use today because of its warm overtones.

Perhaps a warning is in order?

It is natural to human beings to want to know.

It is natural to human beings to want to understand.

But when sufficient information is missing from one’s experience


one simply does not have access to the right resources…

…we tend to the most dangerous of habits…

…we fill in the gaps.


…are kind of like that.

They seek to respond to the many good questions of many good people.

They strive to teach those about angels who legitimately do not know what the ancient Jewish and Christian communities knew.

They fill in the gaps.

But in doing so…

…the New Age movement is causing MUCH damage.

Because at the end of the day their claims are not as powerful…


…and life giving…

…as that which comes to us through the Sacred Scriptures and the Church.

There is a lot we can know about the angels, we just have to know where to look.

Stay holy my friends.

in Christ, patrick

P.S. I have decided to do something about the errors of the new age ideology. Look for it in the days ahead, I think you will love it.

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