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The Four Languages of Evangelization – Eros

If you have ever admired the determination of a shooting star, or sat in awe of the perseverance displayed in the nation’s greatest athletes, then our third kind of love is not far from your experience.

This is because eros, far from being a sensual and vile lust, an objectification of another and violation of human dignity, is the great fire found within every human heart that longs for the good.

And when that good is a person; when our longing reaches out for a face that has planted itself gently and irreplaceably within our memory, then the words of our Lord while walking this earth come into view most sensibly.

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem…How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings…” Matthew 23:37


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You see, erotic love, is not the expression of one consuming or possessing another, but it is the passionate pursual to bring the other in communion with oneself.

When one is married, this is obviously expressed most perfectly in the marital embrace;

When displayed on film, it is the humorous mission found in the Princess Bride;

And when we evangelize erotic love is the dogged determination to never give up on the lost sheep, no matter how far from safe pasture that sheep has strayed.

So, many Catholics are no longer at your parish; go find them.

In your family, many of the baptized no longer frequent the sacraments; go in search of them.

And when someone in your life declares with all the confidence in the world that the distance between their life and Christ can never bridged, your job is to start the journey.

I’ll talk to you soon.

You may have noticed that we have yet to discuss agape love, which is perhaps the most famous kind of love in Christian thinking. Don’t worry; we’ll talk about that and our role as evangelizers in the next video.

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