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That’s a Nice Door

We have finally installed a new back door, which made sense because the old one was thin. It was worn out. It was well, not much of a back door.

The new back door on the other hand is as plain as they come. It is thick enough to keep the warm air in. It is solid. And it well, looks like a back door should.

I have to say, I am quite proud of it. Not because I chose it (because I didn’t); and certainly not because I installed it (because I didn’t do that either); but I am proud of it because it was something that definitely needed to be done and now, it is.

And while I have my own reasons for liking it, my two little ones (aged four and six) gave me a better and certainly more interesting perspective on it.

Standing outside and staring up at its factory beige colour, the two of them said nothing until the handle was turned and the door slowly began to open.

“Wow,” said four year old Sophia as she took a step in. “Yeah,” continued six year old Jonah, “that’s a nice door.”

Why are you proud of your parish? If you’re like many, it might be because it can keep people there. But have you ever considered, that like a door, it is also meant to let people in?

Try it this Sunday. Stand outside the parish and awe at its potential along with Sophia and Jonah. And just think. How many people could come through that door if we just helped them.

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