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That Holy Thing

You know you have felt it before.

Perhaps it was a long time ago…

…and perhaps it was when you encountered a person…

…or a place.

But when you did experience it…

…it changed you, if only for a brief moment.



Today I want to challenge you to go back in your memory to that moment and recover it.

Because if you can…

…not only will your day be different…

…but your life can be different.

From this moment forward.

From this day into tomorrow.

You can start again.

You can bring that same experience of the holy to others.

But you have to want it.

You have to be willing to suffer for it.


Remember the moment that made your life stand still for a time imperceptible to everyone around you.

Remember that holy thing.

And then help others to feel it.

God be with you.

in Christ, patrick

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