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That Baby Strut

We are almost done creating our Me and My House parenting course for Christian parents…

…and it has me reflecting on how Kyla and I have been raising our children for over 9 years.

One thought has occurred to me a lot:


…we have a tendency to only boast in our children when they achieve something that society values?

Excellence in…




The list could go on.

But what about just holding them and being proud that they are.

Because that is how Kyla and I have always felt, and we are sure that it will continue for many years into the future.

Which reminds me…

I was driving to a meeting the other day and…

…I saw this young woman strutting along, full of confidence and definitely with a

Don’t you wish you could be me‘ kind of demeanour.

AND YET she had strapped to her front a baby carrier and of course…

…within it a cute little one that could not have been more than three months old.

It made me smile so wide!

“There goes a woman who gets it” I thought to myself.

Whether she has read the Bible or not she understands that the child is an arrow in her quiver (Psalm 127).

Whether she has read the Bible or not she knows well the ancient Jewish law found in the Book of Deuteronomy that supports a woman’s right to expect children from her husband.

Having dragged him before the elders the woman can…

“…pull his sandal off his foot (and) spit in his face” leaving him the public and negative legacy of ‘one whose sandal was pulled off.’

Men and women used to boast about their children.

Not so much about what they had accomplished but about their character and the fact that they had come into the world at all.


Children are and always will be a blessing.

And if the world says that you already have too many, they are wrong.

And if this culture thinks that the young woman had nothing to boast about as she sauntered down that sidewalk, they are wrong.

We need to bring back our baby strut.

Men and women…mothers and fathers have much to brag about and be thankful for.

Kyla and I are no exception…

…And working on this great project, Me and My House, reminded me again of that.

So friends, keep working on that baby strut,

…and I’ll talk to you soon.

in Christ,


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