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Stomping On Castles

As I sit here writing, I am in fact doing double duty. For while I must keep one eye on my screen as I type, the other must keep a fairly consistent one on Caleb, my spunky one and a half year old.

To handle the complex task, I have decided to put him in ‘the Octagon’ as we call it, which is really just a glorified playpen with a lot more walking space. To do one better, and to ‘out dad’ my previous achievements, I put books and toys, car sets and yes, even a toy castle right in there with him. The thought? I can work with the knowledge that my little boy is safe and thoroughly entertained. That was the thought.

What I have learned in the last few minutes is that, no matter what I give him; no matter how cool and original those books and toys seem to me; Caleb is not pleased. And how do I know this? Right now he is scowling at me; furrowing his brow and stomping, yes stomping on the castle that was my crowing achievement.

Do you have people like this in your life?

You tell them that you have found a way to get out of the mess that you’re currently in, and they can only see why it will fail.

You tell them that you have joined a Bible study or prayer group, and they openly smirk at your ‘ignorance’ and ‘gullibility.’

You tell them that for the first time in maybe a long time you are trying to get better, and their response is quite simply, to stomp on your castle.

Why are they doing that?

Maybe it’s because they no longer believe that things can get better even in their own lives. Maybe it’s because they believe that you do not deserve to be as happy as others. And maybe it’s simply because they have never heard or have forgotten that Jesus doesn’t build the kingdom by stomping on others, but by bringing hope to those who need it.

What does your castle look like and how can you make it a reality? Dream great things for yourself; and help others to do the same.

Your friend in Christ, patrick

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