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Save Them…Part By Part

Some of my oldest friends like to call me a dreamer.

What they mean is…

I very often like to see the almost impossible…

…as just around the bend.


I try to remind those closest to me about the very real possibility that…

…someone in their circle of life may come to the Faith soon.


If one person…

…just one…

…came to love Jesus Christ in the next month or so…

…how would that change your mission to evangelize?

Dream it with me.

That would mean that on your mission field for Christ…

…in the circle of life that you occupy…

…there would now be two workers in the vineyard.

Two souls fighting with their prayers and works to establish the Kingdom.

Two souls, emboldened and strenthened by the Eucharist to go out and reveal God’s mercy in the workplace,

…the home…

…and the parish.


In this day dreaming that will become a reality…

…you focused…

…you looked at the people in your life and you asked…

“Which among you is ripe for the Gospel?”

You went out to save them part by part.

And by doing so you multiplied your efforts.

I know…

…looking at some of the faces in our lives we might consider the task impossible.

But let’s be clear:

It is only, ALMOST impossible.

And that is more than enough room for grace to work.

So ask God:

“To whom are you sending me next?”

And then get to work.

Happy evangelizing my friends,

in Christ, patrick

P.S. If you would like more tactics and strategies on how to evangelize, pick up my book, Dare to Be An Evangelist. CLICK HERE to purchase it now.

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