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Russia and So Called Gay Rights

Russia is at it again, motivating us that is. As the Russians resolutely set their face against the collected wisdom of hedonistic societies that champion gay rights, the Russian stare is clear and cold. There will be no homosexual propaganda there. And why should there be? The Russian Bear has ticked off Uncle Sam for years and the Polish Eagle for much longer still. But this time we are not talking about a race to the moon or a cold war; the limits of capitalism or communism; or even what people can and should live out in their private lives. Today the subject is the nature and health of a human being, a Russian human being at that, and what should be taught to the smallest of them.

Cardinal Newman was right when he wrote that ‘calculation never made a hero’. Even still I think it is safe to say that Newman would have praised the heroism of any nation that stands for that rare gem called common sense. The gay rights activists want Russia to give them what they want simply because they want it; but Russia is not England and the Orthodox Church is not the Anglican Church. Things are different over there; thanks be to God.

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