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Pile On

As I watched from a position of safety my children roughhoused and wrestled in the best of ways.

Gabriel was both the narrator and the biggest target and so he gave everyone a laugh while he was a comfortable place to land.

At one point though, Gabriel declared his victory over the little ones and sat down to gloat in the grass.

It was then that my little brood rose to the occasion.

Jonah and Tobias leaped from behind, while Hannah and Benjamin made quick work of Gabriel’s front defenses.

The end result was a pile of giggling children and a big brother buried somewhere underneath.

Before we could worry for him though Gabriel peeked out from under them to make one final final narration:

“And that’s how you topple a giant,” which made everyone laugh even harder.

I wish we evangelized like that.

I wish brothers and sisters in Christ put their minds, prayers and hearts together to topple the hard heartedness around them.

Some people will take years to come to the Lord, that is a fact.

But many…


…have just never had the Body of Christ go after them.

Do it with joy.

Do it with purpose.


Do not try to topple the giant alone.

Happy evangelizing friends,

in Christ, patrick

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