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Now That is Some Dangerous Dancing

There must be a connection between dancing and the truth. And I don’t just think so because of the very obvious things that come to light when invited to a wonderfully animated dance floor.  I assume this because the truth, the Faith, should set us free, and if that reality doesn’t do something to the body as well as the soul then something could be seriously wrong.

Why is it then, that whenever we imagine Jesus at the Wedding of Cana, we have him sitting? Isn’t it more likely, that Jesus, the God of the universe and maker of all things joyful and creative actually got out there and danced?

It might be because there is a tendency within a lot of us, to distrust what appears to partake in the chaotic. God we know calmed the storm for the apostles.  He ordered the universe and all that is in it.  And so the playful, the silly, the wild and untrained exercise of the limbs in response to something we merely hear, strikes some of us as, well, dangerous. But think about it, so is the truth.

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