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Not Good Enough

I have the strange suspicion that the way I feel today is not unique to me. You see, for all my accomplishments, and rewards, and friendships and blessings, I can’t help but shake the feeling that I am not good enough.

And why would I feel that way?

Because like every human who has ever walked this planet, I tend to believe that I know my failings much more intimately than anyone could ever know my successes. I tend to believe that if others really knew me; not just what is on the Facebook wall, but the struggles, the evil thoughts, or the many hours of therapy I spend in front of God, then the little good I do would be forgotten or buried beneath a mountain of mediocrity.

But for what it is worth, my opinion doesn’t really matter. That’s because when it comes to me there is only one viewpoint I can consider; There’s only one that knows me better than I know myself and still compelled by his very nature to be truthful.

And here is the really strange thing.

In spite of all my self diagnosing; In spite of all my sureties about myself; In spite of the overwhelming conviction that I am just not good enough; God says otherwise.

According to Him, I am loved. According to Him, I am worth saving. And if I have learned anything in my short life, it is that this is not unique to me.

So today, when you just can’t measure up and the mountain of your judgment again comes crashing down on you… please remember, faith can move mountains, and our God can see what is really underneath it all.

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