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Me & My House Review

Updated: May 14, 2021


Cradle Catholic, military wife, and mother of five, Kate is the enthusiastic writer behind the Daily Graces blog. With an MA in Religious Education, Kate homeschools her kiddos and eagerly shares her faith with them through the ordinary tasks of everyday life. With this blog she wants to show fellow Catholics how to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives, from cooking and cleaning to celebrating the liturgical year in the home. In this post, Kate shares about her own parenting journey and how the “Me & My House” program has affirmed and challenged her and her husband in their parenting game plan.


Read Kate's full review here.

Released April 14th, 2019


Kate is passionate about sharing how she integrates her faith into her family's day-to-day life. She hopes that her blog, Daily Graces, will inspire others to recognize God's presence in the ordinary. You can follow Kate on Facebook and Instagram.

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