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Me & My House: A Catholic Parenting Course

Updated: May 14, 2021


A convert to the Catholic Faith, Desiree is a mom of 9, a coffee addict (understandably), and a freelance writer. Over at Green Catholic Burrow, Desiree writes about the highs and lows of the conversion process, and in general about the beauty of the Catholic Church and living out the Faith in today’s culture. Desiree reviews “Me & My House” and reminds fellow parents that no matter what stage of parenting you are at today, it’s important to remember that there will never come a time when you stop learning. She is pleased with the program’s faith-filled and full-orbed approach to childrearing and explains the importance of an Imprimatur on Catholic resources.


Read Desiree's full review here.

Released June 13th, 2019


You can follow Desiree on her personal blog, Green Catholic Burrow, where she writes about all-things-Catholic and shares her incredible conversion story. You can also find her over on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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