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Living Out the Bible

I was chatting with my young teenager, discussing all sorts of things, and as is usually the case, the conversation quite naturally turned to the bigger questions—to God, to my son’s calling, to the trials he will have in his life.

And then he said something that made me feel completely new, ignorant if you will, to the sacred scriptures and God’s plan for us all.

In the most inquisitive tone, as one picking up a diamond masquerading as a rock, he said to me: “Isn’t it funny dad … it’s almost as if I am supposed to live the Bible; to go through my own deserts, and to become more alive after I have followed the cross.”

I was speechless. We are supposed to become holy, I know that; but to live the Bible.

How come I had never thought of that before?I have been reading the Scriptures for many years, and for much of that time I have been studying them intensely. You would think that at some point I would have come across that lesson on my own.

And yet, as is God’s usual way, He used someone else—someone I was willing to listen to—to plant a very powerful seed: “I am supposed to live out the Bible.”

Now, imagine for a moment that this is how God is reaching you.

Imagine that you and I are sitting across from one another, sipping a coffee perhaps, and somehow through the joyful meandering and numerous tangents that as friends we are wont to explore, we somehow stumble upon this truth as well.

What would you tell me?

Would you say, “Yes, I am in the desert right now.” Would you look up suddenly and recall the breaking of the bread in your own life?

How do you live out the Bible? That’s what I want to know.

Can you answer that question?

Because if you’re willing to share, I’d be more than happy to listen.

in Christ,


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