• julia marshall

It’s Time to Stop

Little four and a half year old Sophia sat on a chair next to me as I read some theology. She was quiet as it was her turn to do a french lesson on the much coveted game so popular among her siblings.

But as I turned one page over to another, and ten pages of reading turned into twenty, the growing suspicion that Sophia was ignoring the timer became overwhelming.

“Sophia,” I inquired in the best stern voice I could muster on this groggy morning, “is your timer up?”

“I dunno,” came back the all too innocent reply, “cause I don’t have the timer on.”

Noticing my delayed response (due no doubt to my still tired state) she continued, “besides, no one told me to stop.”

Did you notice something? (Besides the fact that Sophia is quite articulate for her age, I mean.)

Many people in the Christian body carry on with destructive behaviour knowing full well the consequences.

Maybe a parent continues to yell, long past when the anger was justified. Maybe a pastor continues to preach about communal sins long past the time parishioners have repented. And maybe, just maybe, you continue to do something that is holding you back from the spiritual growth and freedom in Christ that you need.

Please take this as a personal reminder.

Friend, it’s time to stop, even if you don’t have a timer on.

In Christ, patrick

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