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It’s That Time of Day

So it’s that time in the day when much has already happened.

You have done well at some things…

…and fallen down on other things.

And if you are like most of us,

…it is the other things that are now taking up much of your thoughts.

Let me tell you what most people do about that.



They tell themselves it doesn’t bother them.

That they will forget it.

That they just need to move on.

And the more the negative experience is a spiritual failing…

…either morally or relationally…

…the need and the belief that one can just leave it behind is very tempting.

But stop for a moment.

You are a Christian.

And you are not alone.

It is NOT okay for you to fight the battles of your life by yourself.

It is NOT okay for you act like you are the Saviour…

…or bullet proof…

…or both.

Buckling down and focusing when you are tired is NOT the same thing as acting like you have not been spiritually wounded.

So what are you going to do?

First, pray.

That’s right. Right now while the craziness continues around you put your mind in the presence of God.

You don’t even need to show it.

To the outside world you are carrying on…

…but inside you are going to call the One who saves.

Second, literally contact someone.

When you get the chance…

…call or email or text another Christian for help.

Just ask them to listen.

Let them know what is happening.

And then hear what they have to say.

Get them to pray for you right there.

Say something like:

I need prayers now!

And even if that is all that you can convey…

…even if you have no time to explain why you are bothered…

…or hurting…

…or frustrated…

…get the Body of Christ on your cause.

Because the almost saints spread across this globe need you.

I REPEAT: You are not doing this alone.

And if you feel like there is literally no one in the world to contact…

…then email me.

And while I can’t respond to everyone, I WILL pray for you.

You can do this.

in Christ, patrick

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